Join the Rax Family: Open a Rax Roast Beef

"If you want to open a Rax, you’ve got to talk to Rich" (Mark Shaffer, The Ironton Tribune, February 14, 2008).


In 2007, Rich Donohue—under his company From Rax to Rich's, Inc.—purchased the Rax Roast Beef trademark from Ohio Valley Foods. With dedication and respect, Rich continues the legacy of one of America's favorite restaurant chains.


If you are interested in joining the long tradition of the Rax Roast Beef family, Rich invites you to contact From Rax to Rich's to receive further information about the opportunities involved in owning a Rax Roast Beef.



From Rax to Rich's Inc.

Rich Donohue

1506 State Route 93

Ironton, Ohio 45638

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